Why choose us?

So, why?

We lead the change in the technology, processes and behaviours of departments and teams in law firms, to the point where service levels and success metrics greatly exceed current levels. All delivered with less time and money spent.

Simply, we are about helping great Law firms work better.

We make it happen by combining our experience and knowledge of law, technology and process mapping – a very rare mix.

Don’t worry our job is not to make things more complex but to demystify the process.

The key thing to remember is that technology is not the differentiator. It’s about how you apply it.

Why are we unique?

We are lawyers who build IT systems!
Our experience of managing cases from inception to completion is what sets us apart. Our vital ability to be the missing communication link between case handlers and IT developers is key.

Having said that, our approach isn’t just about IT systems. We always look at a firm’s wider issues such as the onboarding processes, how the accounts and central teams function and interact with fee earning teams and build reports that the firm needs to run yearly for its Professional Indemnity Insurers, CQS and Lexcel.

We also advise on growing your market share, and reducing your risk of fraud. Finally, we coach your teams on the adoption of new procedures.