Expert Change Management for Law Firms

Purchasing technology is the first part.  But ensuring it is adopted and correctly managed throughout your firm is much harder. Law firm change management is essential for the success of your project.

Technology is not the differentiator to change in your firm.  How the technology is used is the differentiator.

If you have purchased new software, but your staff output remains the same (or gets worse), then in addition to building/tweaking the software you need to also look at the human behaviours in the teams running alongside the use of the software.

We were asked “How do we get lawyers to change” so frequently, and it became so fundamental to us wanting to transform departments for the better, that we spent time and effort studying behaviours and experimenting with different behavioural techniques to ensure team members adopted the new habits that our work created. After all, we are known for being different from other legal workflow developers – we are in this with you for the long haul, and that means that what we build for you has to work.

We can confidently say that our working methods positively change how our client teams are working.  We eliminate being “busy for busy’s sake”, and we assist all team members to change and adopt new methods of working.

Take your law firm to new levels with our expert law firm change management service from The CS Partnership, contact us here. 

  • Why don’t lawyers like change?

    We love this question!  Lawyers hate change because we are highly sceptical, autonomous people.  Simply put, we do not like being told what to do, and are suspicious of anything new.  We also tend to resist feedback, and can be defensive and hypersensitive to criticism.  Those qualities make us great lawyers – but the same qualities make us difficult to lead/persuade.

  • Are you qualified in change management?

    Yes.  Our Co-founders are qualified Legal Project Practitioners from the International Institute of Legal Project Management (IILPM).

  • How do you get our staff and partners to adopt change? And, even more important, how do we get them to do it positively?

    We have walked in their shoes, and we deliver what we say we will deliver. As we mentioned above, lawyers are highly sceptical and autonomous people – they need authoritative reasons why they need to change, and we provide them with that comfort.

    In addition, we take time to connect with the team/department/firm. Communication in times of change is vital. We care about helping people change, and we know that change is hard, so we ensure that they are supported throughout the change period with training and coaching (and even more communication).