We work in conjunction with a select group of partners whose primary goal is to keep law firms compliant and efficient, and who we know mirror our core principles.

Staxton Digital

Combining business development and digital marketing to help increase your firm’s revenue. At Staxton Digital, we want to break down these barriers, make a statement and help you get engagement and promote your law firm’s brand. This can be done through a number of methods, video, animation, and bespoke content.

Digital Marketing Course – If you are new to digital marketing, not sure where to start, or simply want to know the basics. This course is designed for you. No marketing fluff or gimmicks, simple tools, and advice to get you started.

Delivered by Rich Dibbins who has presented and trained 100s of legal professionals, with over 20 years in sales and marketing and over 8 years working in digital marketing. Accredited with Google Squared and Hootsuite. Rich delivers these topics in a way that easy to learn and more importantly for you to understand.


As a legal professional, regulation, financial crime risk and good practice require you to check, verify and analyse your clients’ financial information.

Whether you need to perform a source of funds check on a prospective client or verify a client’s bank account details before a payment, Armalytix gives you all the information you need in just a few clicks.

• Source of funds information comes pre-analysed for you, including marked up transactions, highlighted key transactions and graph of balances over time.
• Multiple accounts covered in a single report, including personal, business and credit cards.
• Fast, secure and accurate – the correct data every time.

SDLT Compass

SDLT Compass is the UK’s only fully comprehensive SDLT calculator. This technology protects residential conveyancers by removing the risk of future SDLT claims against your firm’s indemnity insurance. It also means that you will be fully compliant with the CQS requirements regarding SDLT.

Orchard Rock Development Limited

Orchard Rock are an IT development team that specialise in developing Tikit Partner 4 Windows (P4W). When we work with firms who have P4W, or who are about to onboard P4W as a practice management system, we write any required process maps with the teams, and Orchard Rock undertakes the development of our workflows.

We have also partnered with Orchard Rock to develop Property Focus