Practice & Case Management System Solutions for Law Firms

Selecting a Practice / CMS that works for you in a noisy market often poses a challenge.  We are here to help you make the best investment.

We assist firms in choosing and implementing new Practice Management/ Case Management Systems.

Generally, we look to carry out an analysis of the current position within the firm to establish your detailed requirements, often speaking with nominated members of each department to ensure any departmental-specific needs are taken into consideration.

From here, we then formulate a selection criteria document, with a view to it being submitted to short-listed providers for their input, and confirmation that their system is capable of achieving such requirements.

By selecting a Practice / CMS, we are then able to assist with the project management of the implementation of your new Practice Management/ Case Management System to ensure successful delivery and adoption.

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  • Can you advise us on our current Case Management System? We are not sure whether to tweak the system we have or buy a new one. The system we have doesn’t appear to work well, but we are not sure why.

    Yes of course. If the problem is that you have old systems, we are happy to advise you on the best solution for you based on the services that you offer. Alternatively, you might have bought a system and thought that that it would be fit for purpose on day 1, but you find that it is just in its basic form. We can help you make it into a system that your staff will want to use – rather like someone helping you to build an Ikea wardrobe after the flat pack wardrobe has been delivered.

  • We are bombarded with all of the software and products available on the market and do not know where to start. How can you help us?

    We will take you through our specific process to ensure that we all have a clear understanding of your requirements, and therefore can assist you in making the best selections. We are agnostic about the technology that we advise on – we will help you find the best solutions for your firm, not for the software vendors.