Bespoke Departmental Consulting

By approaching a Department’s problems from a holistic perspective, we help to achieve the most effective inter-organisational success and profitability.

When working with departments or teams, we initially work alongside them to find out how they are currently working, because every Department/Team is unique.

We look at the Department's finances, and how its net profit can increase. We also look at the Department's risk and compliance behaviours, and how they are being undertaken at matter level. We help with the team cohesiveness and performance. Finally (as you would expect from The CS Partnership), we look at the Department's technology, and it's processes.

We also work with pre-merging departments to help them see if there is a match between them, and post-merger departments to help them unite easily.

Looking to improve your team, speak to us today about our Bespoke Departmental Consulting service here.

  • What types of things does this involve?

    Departmental Consulting can involve a particular project (perhaps a particular team has a new work stream that is being introduced).

    Alternatively, we might help Departments with ongoing retainer projects (e.g. helping fee earners with their financial targets on a monthly basis, or a Department’s complaints issues).

    Often our remit is very broad (e.g. we would like to increase the Department’s net profit), and that can involve us dealing with all manner of different elements – team structure; finances; workflows; technology; efficiency; team attitude.

  • Do you only consult with Conveyancing / Property departments?

    No.  We consult across all practice areas / types.