Overcoming the Sales and Marketing Hurdle: A 5-Step Guide for Lawyers

For many lawyers, the thought of sales and marketing can be daunting. .  Most lawyers did not go to law school with the intention of becoming salespeople, yet the reality is that even the most talented lawyers need to generate business to advance their careers.

Lawyers who do not embrace marketing are doing themselves and their practices a disservice. In this blog post, we'll explore why lawyers are often reluctant to engage in sales and marketing and provide some tips on how to overcome this hurdle.

1) The Perception of "Selling Out"

One reason lawyers may be hesitant to engage in marketing and sales is the perception that promoting oneself or one's practice is not professional. However, marketing is a necessary part of business, and a large part of what makes up professional conduct is networking, building relationships, and generating revenue. It is not selling out to be proud of your work and to share it with others.

2) The Fear of Rejection

Another factor that holds lawyers back from marketing themselves is the fear of rejection. However, it is essential to remember that every business experiences rejection at some point, and learning how to handle rejection is a crucial component of growth. Learn and note down any objections you do get and create an objection handling list for future opportunities. This way you can overcome objections early on.

3) Lack of Time

While lawyers are not innately hostile towards marketing, a lack of time can hinder their efforts. Time is scarce in a legal practice, especially if you bill by the hour and it can be challenging to make sales and marketing a priority. One solution is to view marketing as essential to one's work instead of as an annoyance that takes time from it.

4) The Fear of Becoming a "Bad Lawyer"

Our reputation is critical to a law practice, and the fear of tarnishing it can cause lawyers to resist marketing themselves. It is important to balance marketing with ethical concerns but remember that marketing can enhance your reputation. When done correctly, it shows that you have a successful practice and that you take pride in what you do. A lot of lawyers have a fear of what other lawyers will say about them, but unless they are your clients or referrers, why worry?

5) How to Overcome the Hurdles

To overcome the sales and marketing hurdle, lawyers can start by setting aside dedicated time for networking and marketing activities. You can develop a marketing or business development plan and amend it in line with your firms’ goals, utilising social media, targeted advertising, public speaking opportunities, and writing articles and blog posts. Finally, lawyers can embrace mentorship and seeking out other successfullawyers to understand how they built their practices.

While it may initially seem intimidating, engaging in sales and marketing is essential for the success of any lawyer or law practice. It is not necessary to become an expert marketer, but by overcoming the hurdles and embracing the importance of promoting one's work, lawyers can build successful careers and reputations.

Don’t think of it as sales and marketing, think of it as service and marketing. You are providing a service to your clients, that your clients need. It’s down to you how to present it.


Rich Dibbins - Founder of Staxton Digital