Your people are your most important asset. We work with teams and individuals to get the best out of them.

Our Co-founder, Sarah Keegan supports teams and/or individuals change the behaviours in their departments, in particular:

  • Teams who are struggling to pull together/adopt change
  • Coaching Team Leaders and Heads of Department on how to implement good behaviours in compliance/finances/marketing and leadership across their teams
  • Assisting departments to find and lock down their centralised best practice habits and their agreed levels of decentralised management.
  • To hit their financial targets
  • To grow their client base/level of work

We are passionate about helping law firms, and it is sometimes much easier for an outsider to tackle some of the issues that you are experiencing.

  • Do you coach all levels of staff?

    Yes we do – whatever is appropriate for the team we are working with.

  • Do you coach on an individual of group basis?

    Both.  Again, whatever is appropriate for the people we are working with.