How Closing for Lunch is Costing Law Firms Potential Revenue

It's no secret that the legal industry is highly competitive. With so many law firms competing for clients, it's important to be aware of the ways in which you can stand out from your competition. One way to do this is by avoiding closing up shop during lunchtime and instead making use of this time to engage with potential clients and increase your chances of bringing in more business. Here’s why doing so can pay off big time.

The Benefits of Staying Open During Lunch Hours

One of the biggest benefits of staying open during lunch hours is that it gives you access to potential customers who are taking advantage of their lunch breaks to make private calls or search for services online. If your law firm closes for an hour at lunch, chances are those prospective customers will look elsewhere for legal help, leaving you behind in the dust.

Another benefit to staying open during lunch hours is that it allows you to better understand your client base and what they need from a legal service provider. By viewing your Google My Business page statistics, you can get an idea of when your law firm might be busy or quiet, giving you a better understanding of how to effectively manage staffing during those periods. This insight can also help you determine how much a lead may be worth to your law firm – if one lead was worth £1,000 would that help pay for an admin or call-handling company?

Finally, staying open during lunch hours presents an opportunity to increase revenue while providing excellent customer service. You never know when a potential client might come through the door or call in – having someone available during peak times ensures that no potential leads go unanswered and that no revenue opportunities are missed out on due to a lack of staff when needed most.

Conclusion: Staying open during lunch hours may seem like a daunting prospect – after all, it often requires additional staffing costs and resources – but it’s well worth it in the long run as it helps keep your law firm competitive and increases its chances of bringing in new clients who are looking for what you have to offer. If done right, investing some extra time and money into managing staffing at peak times can really pay off in terms of increased revenue and customer satisfaction!   So don't miss out on making more money: adjust your business hours accordingly and reap the rewards!


Rich Dibbins - Founder of Staxton Digital